“The Flipgrid team is constantly listening to the rapidly growing community of users and improving the tool to meet the needs of all users.”

- Andy Plemmons (@plemmonsa)

School Library Media Specialist

“At first view - it’s a video response platform - but it is so much more, so layered, and so effective in helping teachers capture rich information about student learning and growth.”

Holly Clark (@HollyClarkEdu)

Technology and Innovation Specialist, Author

“Well, the possibilities are probably endless, but here are ten ideas I brainstormed to use Flipgrid with math that can help us get started.”

Sean Fahey (@SeanJFahey)

6th Grade Math Teacher

“If you haven’t heard of Flipgrid yet then you will soon be seeing it everywhere.”

Karly Moura (@KarlyMoura)

Instructional Coach & #Edtech Support Teacher

“I am using it every chance I get to capture voice...there is something rich about hearing someone’s intonation and see their facial expressions.”

Jennifer Giffen (@VirtualGiff)

Digital Literacy Resource Teacher, York Schools


Below are some helpful infographics created by Flipgrid users around the globe.

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