Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is the digital hub that brings everything together in one place. Flipgrid adds video discussion, elevating personal engagement and shared community.



Canvas is the LMS that makes teaching and learning easier. Flipgrid is the video discussion platform that makes teaching and learning more personal, fun, and engaging.


Embedding Flipgrid

Listed below are step by step instructions on how to embed Flipgrid.

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There are several way to share Flipgrid! You can share via URL and even link directly to Google Classroom.

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You can also embed your Grids, Topics, and Responses into your Learning Management System or any website that takes embed code.

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Lastly, Flipgrid generates a unique QR code for each of your Grids, Topics, and Videos. Bonus: we built a QR reader right into the Flipgrid mobile apps to make accessing your content easier than ever!