What kind of device does my student need to use Flipgrid?

Almost any device with a camera and an internet connection can use Flipgrid. On PCs, Macs and Chromebooks, your students will record from a browser. On mobile devices, students will need to download the free Flipgrid iOS and Android apps (mobile browsers do not support recording).


What are the best browsers to use with Flipgrid?

Flipgrid works best with the latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. In addition, Flipgrid is supported by all modern web browsers. Please see the chart below as a reference to how Flipgrid works across browsers:

Chrome Firefox IE/Edge Safari
Video Recording Built-in (Web RTC) Built-in (Web RTC) Adobe Flash Required Adobe Flash Required
Video Playback Native (MP4) Native (MP4) Native (MP4) Native (MP4)
Overall Experience Super Awesome Super Awesome Great Great
Minimum Version 44 49 IE11/Edge 13 9


I am having issues submitting a Response. What can I do?

If you recorded on a desktop computer, please try the following:

  • Update to the latest version of your browser of choice. We recommend using Chrome or Firefox.

  • Some browsers require Flash Player, which will also need to be updated.

  • If you are still having problems, force quit the browser and try again (Command + Q on Mac, ALT + F4 on PCs)

If you recorded on the Flipgrid mobile apps, make sure you have the latest version for iOS or Android.


My school uses an LMS (Canvas, Google Classroom, etc.). What integrations are available for Flipgrid?

Flipgrid works within any LMS or website! For Microsoft Teams and Canvas, Flipgrid can be fully integrated. For other LMS and websites, you can embed a fully-functional Grid. Learn more by visiting our Integrations page.


What resources are available for accessibility and access for all students?

The Flipgrid team works hard to make sure all students have a voice in the conversation! Flipgrid is COPPA, FERPA, and 501 Compliant. Videos can have transcriptions turned on under Grid settings (no captioning available). IBM Watson will auto-transcribe videos so deaf and hard of hearing students can participate. Educators can also edit those transcripts under the student's video details within the Flipgrid Admin. Students can submit their own transcript as a Response link along with their video. Learn more about our accessibility efforts here.



I just signed up, how do I get started?

It’s easy! Create a Grid for your classroom or community of learners. Add at least 1 Topic to spark a discussion. Then share the Grid link with your students.


How do I ensure my Grids and student videos are private?

By default, a Grid is private and accessible only to those who have the Grid Link or Grid Code. Additional security features are available under the Grid settings, including password protection, disabling share links, and preventing student downloads.


I don’t want students seeing other videos at first and I want to make sure they are appropriate. Can I moderate videos or prevent new videos from being submitted?

By default, videos are visible for other students to see.  Make videos default to hidden by activating moderation under your Topic settings. Then, educators can review and make them visible, if they choose.  Additionally, Topics can be frozen for a view-only mode.


Can I access the Flipgrid Admin on my mobile device?

Grid owners can access the Flipgrid Admin anywhere, anytime. On both mobile and desktop, you can do that at from a browser. The Flipgrid app is only for student access and there is no in-app admin.


Can I provide comments or feedback to my students via Flipgrid?

There are a couple options for this. The only option via video is on the student side as a reply to the student’s Response video (Classroom feature). Otherwise, educators can leave private text comments and assessments via the Flipgrid Admin. These private comments will be sent to students via email (Pro Tip: require emails under the Topic settings).


I don’t want my students to have a competition over views or likes on their video. Can I turn these off?

Absolutely. Grid owners can turn these off under the Topic settings. Additionally, they can turn off other Response features like selfie decorations, Response titles, Response link, and video Replies under Topic settings.



How do students access the Grid if they don’t have accounts?

Students do not have accounts on Flipgrid. Educators allow student access by sharing a Grid using one of these methods:

  1. Grid Link - share this URL with students for access on computers

  2. Grid Code - for access to Flipgrid’s mobile apps.  The code is also part of the Grid Link (e.g.,

  3. Embed - watch & record within almost any blog, LMS, or webpage

  4. QR Code - print out a QR code for easy access


HELP! My Grid is locked, no longer active, or can’t be found!

If a Grid is locked, password protection has been enabled for additional security.  Edit this under 'Grid Settings'.  If a Grid is no longer active or can’t be found, please make sure BOTH the Grid & Topic are visible by checking Grid settings & Topic settings.


Can my students record a video using another app or record offline and upload/import to Flipgrid?

Students can import a video on both computers and mobile devices. After they select the green plus button, there is a green import icon. Select that and follow the prompts to import an MP4, MOV, or WEBM video file.


My student made an error in their video. Can they remove/edit it?

Students have some control of their video but Grid owners always have the ultimate control. If a student submits their video with an email, they can hide their video with a link in their confirmation email. Otherwise, Grid owners can edit the name, hide a video, delete it permanently, or move the video to another Topic. After submitting, the selfie or video itself cannot be edited.


My student is shy and doesn’t want to record a video. Can a student reply using audio or text instead of video?

A student can only submit a video. Luckily, shy students can get creative with their video! Flip the camera on mobile devices and have students show their work rather than their face. Use a stuffed animal or cover the camera to submit an audio-centric video. Also, app smashing provides endless ways to record a video!



Can I upgrade my existing One account to a Classroom account?

Yes! Upgrade your existing account and content at anytime via the Flipgrid Admin. If you have a promo code, enter it on the final step of payment. To learn about discounted rates, visit


How long is my license? Can I purchase monthly?

A Flipgrid license is active for 1-year from purchase date. We do not offer monthly or partial year licenses.


What are my payment options? Do you accept school Purchase Orders (POs)?

Individual accounts can upgrade with a credit card through your Flipgrid Admin. Only 5-packs, building licenses, or larger can use POs. Contact to get started!


My classroom account is about to expire. What now?

If your Classroom account expires, you will be downgraded to a free Flipgrid One account. Continue using 1 Grid with your students for free. Other Grids are only accessible via your Flipgrid Admin. Flipgrid will never delete your Grids, Topics, or student videos!


Can my organization, nonprofit, or company use a Flipgrid Classroom account?

Absolutely! Our pricing is for PreK to PhD educators so please contact for more information.