Building Flipgrid Communities

This document is a general introduction to help you build your Flipgrid classroom community.


K12 Integration

These standards-aligned documents are designed to help you engage your students in communicating and developing their voice.


Building a K12 Classroom Community

Introduce your K12 classroom to the social aspects of Flipgrid with example topics and integration ideas.


Computer Science

Help your students engage as digital citizens in discussions on computer science topics.


Engage your students in real-world discussions to build upon your classroom math projects.


Physical Education

Help your students communicate physical education content to others and to internalize a healthy view of themselves.

Fine Arts

Challenge your students to share ideas, appreciation, analyses and critiques.


Foreign Languages

Have your students practice, share stories, explore culture and describe their environment in a target language.


Challenge your students to share their beliefs, processes and justifications with regard to real-world science topics.


Health & Wellness

Invite students to discuss personal health goals, behaviors, outcomes and research.

Social Studies

Encourage your students to discuss government, economics, geography, history and their local environment.


Language Arts

Develop your students' reading, listening, speaking and creative story-telling skills.


Engage your students to share authentic problem solving, critical thinking and design skills.

Higher Ed Integration

A critical element of Higher Ed classrooms is to build communities of shared and respectful voice on timely issues.

This is the foundation of Flipgrid.


Building a Higher Ed Classroom Community

Introduce your Higher Ed classroom to the social aspects of Flipgrid with example topics and integration ideas.