Curious about the changes we make to Flipgrid? Check here for new features and bug fixes!

September 2018 

Flipgrid Educator Dashboard 

  • Introducing MixTapes: Share your students’ greatest hits (videos) with anyone in a view-only format. Check out to learn more! 

  • The moment you've all been waiting for...the return of the Google Classroom share button! It’s finally back along with the ability to share using Remind. Thanks @SEANJFAHEY and @BrianRSmithSr!   

  • Like #HyperDocs? Well now you can attach up to 9 Topic attachments per Topic so you can create #HyperFlips! Thanks @jmattmiller and @KarlyMoura for the idea!  

  • Attention ELL educators: a new recording time of 45 seconds is now an option to help prepare your students for the TOEFL. Thanks, Maria F., for the feedback! 

  • You can now download individual response transcriptions via the Actions menu in the Response Quickview. We have more accessibility updates coming soon, so stay tuned. 

  • We made it way easier for you to tell which Topics are moderated with the ✋ icon in your Topics table. 

  • Twitter folks with a 15-character max username (like @adamshortshorts) can now add their handle as a Vibe with no problem! 

  • Using the Student ID List Grid Community type? Check out the new and improved printable badge styles that includes your students’ QR codes and unique identifiers. We think they’ll look super snazzy on a lanyard! 

  • We made it easier to edit Student ID information (first name, last name and identifier) via the Grid settings. 

  • Topics added to the Discovery Library are now being moderated by Team Flipgrid. You’ll receive an email once the template has been approved and shared with other educators! 

  • Fixed: Canvas-related bug where duplicate videos were uploading to the Grid.  


Flipgrid Student  

  • Students now have control of how their name appears on the video with the ability to modify their Display Name while recording. 

  • CoPilots, we know you're just as important as the Pilot, so we’ve made sure your profile pics are being displayed in the Grid, too. 🤗