Curious about the changes we make to Flipgrid? Check here for new features and bug fixes!

October 2018 

Flipgrid Educator Dashboard 

  • Introducing Topic Guest Mode: Sharing specific Topics with your community just got a whole lot easier! Invite families, friends and experts to view or record within a Topic without giving access to the entire Grid. Learn more here.   

  • Sharing a Response with a QR code is back! Plus, we made it easier to share a single video with families. Check it out via the Share button 🚀from your student’s Response.  

  • GridPals ❤️Disco Library. Now you can easily see what Topics a GridPal has shared in the Disco Library via their bio.  

  • Connect with fellow educators via Skype by entering your Skype Join Link under your profile. 

  • Add a Flipgrid URL as a Topic attachment and see the Flipgrid logo magically appear as the integration icon. 

  • Fixed: Quickview time stamp discrepancy with the Flipgrid student side. Nice catch, Kelly P! 😎


Flipgrid Student  

  • Immersive Reader, part of the Microsoft Learning Tools designed to help new or dyslexic readers, is now available to everyone within Flipgrid. Open up a Topic and click on the Immersive Reader icon for assistance reading the text prompt. Learn more here.  

  • Introducing Display Names: Students can now edit the name that appears on their video right within the recorder making it easier when recording in groups or as a character in a book!