Just heard about Flipgrid and want to learn more about it? Check out our infosite:

Getting Started with Flipgrid


A guide to help teachers get started on Flipgrid.


A guide to help students get started on Flipgrid.


Flipgrid Walkthrough

A 2-minute video that will take you through the steps of creating your first Grid and Topic.


For a more indepth overview of how to use Flipgrid, check out this great video made by our friend Jamie Keet @Teachers_Tech

Flipgrid Top 5 Tips


Welcome to Flipgrid. You have joined an amazing community of educators dedicated to amplifying student voice, elevating communities, and teaching global empathy.

We are often asked for advice on how to get started. Our educators continually show us creative ways to use Flipgrid in the classroom, with their PLNs, student families and the community at large. So, our best advice is to use your creativity and share your experiences with others. That said, we have seen some patterns that make the first experience awesome for both educators and their students. Here are our Top 5 Tips:


Follow #flipgridfever on Twitter for your daily dose of hundreds of creative, new ideas shared by your colleagues.


Be imperfect. Let your Topic video set the stage for students to be genuine and approachable with each other.


Keep it close. Your students will love connecting with classrooms around the globe soon, but let them get their footing with each other first. Their confidence will grow fast!


Start with introductions. There is no right or wrong answer and classroom bonds strengthen with new insights into each other.


Use Flipgrid Stickers and Drawing to capture your students’ imagination and creativity!